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‘Power To Build’

Who We Are

TWIC BRANDs is a capacity Building outfit that thrives in its slogan’s promise ‘Power To Build’ We thus endeavor to Build all rounded Brands wholesomely. With key attention to Sales, Marketing, Advertising and the overall logistics there in, we have favorably tailored solution packages for individuals, groups, SMEs and Corporates with key objective of unleashing the BRAND POWER!

As a brand building business. We endeavor to foresee the success of your brand through our tailored services that suit your need. Our competitive advantage thus is anchored in the synergy of partnerships to favorably enhance your brand visibility and productivity through Our BRAND Strategy package for your business. Our Services thus include: Top notch-Merchandising Solutions, Media (SEO and Adverts), Training, Social Enterprises/CSR and Ficidiary Services

Background Information

Over the course of doing business, we have adopted to forging partnerships that breed success. This epitomizes our slogan “Power to Build” For in building brands we engage the power of many then masses.


Our business is built around Talent maximized around the sales and marketing aspects of businesses. Thus while working on client projects, our top most priority is to source for the best talent for the Project at hand. Our commitment is to always do it right first time every time.


Vision and Mission


‘Power To Build’


Our Vision is to continuously and consistently build and grow formidable brands to enhance performance and growth.


Our mission is to endeavor to utilize the available resources and ideas to help turn around Brands for performance and growth by among other objectives, embracing partnerships to fast track progress.

Core Values

Our core values include:

  • Customer First
  • Quality Service
  • Diligence
  • Openness


Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage thus is anchored on the aspect of professionally merging the “P” of Place and the “P” of Promotion to favorably enhance your brand visibility.




Our Services thus include: Top notch-Merchandising Solutions, Media and SEO, Training, Social Enterprises /CSR and Business Branding

  • Top Notch Merchandising Solutions


    • This solution helps brand solve the ‘P’ of PLACE. We ensure that your product is in the right hands at the right time. This optimizes on business conversion and brand turn around. Our top Notch merchandising solutions include a mix of push initiatives including but not limited to; Points of sale, Door to door marketing, subscriptions, market storms, promotional sampling, targeted sales, Event based sales, sponsorships, Market activations among others.
  • Media & SEO


    • We create effective content marketing materials for businesses. Such include but not limited to; Articles, E-books and courses, Blog posts, Brand stories, Online content, SEO, Email Newsletters, Social Media, Ghost writing/Blogging, Research, Report writing, Landing pages, Long form writing, Web copy
    • People don’t want to be sold to; they are looking for information, understanding and substantial content that informs. SEO_Search Engine Optimized involves the intentional use of key words and key phrases.
  • Training & Tutorials


    • We have internal generated and external training and tutorials tailored around helping brands achieve goals of either sales or marketing objectives. Such are produced and custom made as per clientele requisition. This includes but not limited to the aspects of management.
  • Social Enterprises and CSR 


    • As part of brand building, we partner with and or help corporates and or businesses reach at favorable corporate social Responsibility decisions both at personal and organizational level. It’s our common belief that for businesses to thrive extensively, the communities around which they operate must be empowered for the same communities provide end users and or workforce needed by the ventures.
  • Business Branding
  • Business Branding is our overall business just as our slogan epitomizes ‘Power To Build’ We seek to build brands through a fair package of the listed services. Our strength thus is favorably and professionally combining Sales (PLACE) and Marketing (PROMOTION) with an eye on Brand Positioning to enhance and or boost performance and growth. Bottom line our brand building version is that of Brand stories.


A. Sales Package

(A fair match of Top Notch Merchandising Solutions)

B.Marketing Package

(A mix of state of the art Content marketing materials)

C.Advertising Package

(Online advertising platforms with option for Banner and or Sponsored content)




Here is list of our clientele base:




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